Friday, April 5, 2013

My Aunt Lil

I don't have many photos of my aunts and uncles, but came across this set of pics and wanted to share just a few of my favorite memories of my Aunt Lil ... the aunt that I was named after.  The second and third photo here shows her with my mother, Pearl. 

My earliest memories of my aunt would have been when we lived in the old neighborhood and her house was just up the hill from where we lived.  I was only 4 or 5 at the time. After we moved, I remember taking the taxi over to their new house (my mother never learned how to drive) and sitting at the kitchen table listening to her and my mother talk about family matters and such. 

Out of the seven siblings, my Aunt Lil is what I would call "the feisty one". She was very strong, confident and held her own in any conversation.  She loved fishing and was a fabulous cook.  She also loved playing cards, as did most all of our family back in the day.  Later in years, my husband Sterling and I would go over to Lil & Paul's house and play pinoccle. She always made fresh popcorn on the stove and her apple pan pie is the stuff legends are made of. Here's her recipe.

We lost my Aunt Lil several years ago, but her memory remains in all of our hearts.