Saturday, January 26, 2013

Corny, I know.

I've been published in yet another Gooseberry Patch cookbook.  This time for a fabulous mexican corn casserole dish my family has been enjoying for years.

Thursday, January 24, 2013


We've been struggling through this flu season ... albeit unsuccessfully.  Hand sanitizers alone just didn't do the trick.  And of course I'm going to hug my grandchildren, even though they have a runny nose.  And can someone please tell me how one nasal passage can produce SO MUCH phlegm??!!

But we're on the mend and hopefully the light at the end of the tunnel is not another flu train heading towards us!!

Color My World

I found this lovely piece of art on Pinterest and just had to share. 

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Spoon Me !

Sometimes I come across something really special on Pinterest that I feel I absolutely MUST share with my readers.  Just look at the creativity of these repurposed vintage spoons ans forks.  Oh how I would love a sweet windchime like this on my back patio!  LOVE the whimsy and the sentiments!


Here's the original link to the creator of this piece of artwork:

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Lasting Friendships

What is it about some frendships that make them stand out above all the others?  I've had so many lovely ladies (and gents) come and go throughout my life, but there are those special few that have remained constant kindred spirits through my trials and tribulations. 

Those friends who you might not see or even hear from for years at a time, and then there they are on your doorstep or on the phone and it's like it was only yesterday that you were sharing a cup of coffee and laughing together over the silliest things.  I am blessed to have several of these people in my life. 

One of them I hold especially dear is my friend, Jacqui.  Jacqui and I met while working at a law firm in Tucson, Arizona some 30+ years ago.  We instantly bonded and became best buddies. At the time we were both single moms struggling just to make ends meet and hoping to find that special someone to share our lives with.

Funny that we would BOTH meet our now current husbands (my husband always rolls his eyes when I introduce him as my "current" husband) in the same honky tonk bar in Tucson ... the Maverick. 

Wet 'n Wild Beach Party!

I actually introduced Jacqui to her husband, Jim, whom I had met and befriended at the Maverick.  While there were no romantic sparks between Jim and I, I thought he was such a dear man (and if I remember correctly he could dance a mean two-step) ... so I introduced him to Jacqui.  Sparks definitely flew between them and they instantly became a couple. 

They married in Tucson shortly after that, and I must say that Jacqui was THE most BEAUTIFUL bride I think I have ever seen.  She wore this lovely western fitted lace wedding dress and she and Jim were married in a romantic scenic outdoor western setting.  It was magic.  (Jacqui - if you're reading this send me a copy of your wedding photo!)  Not long after that I moved to Phoenix for a short while and then moved here to Nebraska where my husband and I have lived ever since.  But through the years Jacqui and I have connected and remained special friends. 

She and I share a passion for arts and crafts and both love cooking.
She makes the most wonderful scented soaps ...

and I've just recently turned her on to my passion for cardmaking. 

I value Jacqui and Jim's friendship and hold them dear to my heart.  Love you guys more than bacon!  HUGS!

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Happy Birthday, Luckie!

Today is my brother-in-law Luckie's birthday.  He's been such a delightful addition to this family and over the years he has given us so many reasons to smile and celebrate life!

Elvis' Birthday

Today is Elvis Presley’s birthday. “The King” was born on this day in 1935 in Tupelo, Miss.

Some of his BEST early songs were:

1. “Jailhouse Rock”

Not only is it one of Elvis’ greatest songs, the movie by the same name is the best film of the 33 he appeared in. Elvis actually choreographed all the dancers in the title song sequence.

2. “Heartbreak Hotel”

Elvis’ first No. 1 on the Billboard Top 100 was co-written by Mae Boren Axton, a prolific Nashville songwriter who is credited with getting Elvis signed to RCA Records. She passed her songwriting DNA on to her son, Hoyt Axton, who wrote “Joy to the World” for Three Dog Night.

3. “Hound Dog”

More than 40 million people watched Elvis perform this song on “The Milton Berle Show” on June 5, 1956. Controversy ensued over Elvis’ gyrations during the song and prompted the nickname “Elvis the Pelvis.”

4. “All Shook Up”

This is one of the few songs Elvis actually helped write. Well, even co-write may be too generous. The genesis of the song varies but according to Elvis in a 1957 interview, he had a bad dream and was “all shook up” when he awakened. He called a pal with the phrase and the song was ready the next morning.

5. “Love Me Tender”

This is one of Elvis’ most romantic ballads and was adapted from a Civil War ballad, “Aura Lee,” written in 1861.

A BIT OF TRIVIA:  My first marriage was on January 8 - and that marriage encompasses songs numbered 1 through 4 above!!

Seven Degrees of Bacon

I was wanting to try out some some new appetizers to add to our yearly family holiday dinner, and saw a really quick and easy appetizer from The Pioneer Woman.  Wasn't sure how well it was going to be accepted, but then I should have remembered the cardinal rule, that ANYTHING with bacon will be met with 100% approval from this family!!

I was impressed by how well the bacon fat drained off and how crisp the appetizers were.   They cook for TWO HOURS in a very low oven, and it just works!

I passed these little morsels around to family members, and was immediately cornered by them wanting MORE ... who knew that 30 appetizers would not be enough??!!  Next time I will double the recipe so that everyone gets more than one piece!

Here's the link to Ree's recipe for these really YUMMY appetizers:

Monday, January 7, 2013

Grandma's Feather Bed

We finally updated our mattress set this weekend, and oh my what a difference.  If I teach my grandchildren anything, it's that you can never spend too much money on a really good mattress.  Just take into account the amount of hours you spend on a mattress during your lifetime and then do the math! 

And everytime I think of the phrase, Grandma's feather bed, I can't help but remember John Denver's tune by that name.  His song still makes me chuckle.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Fun for Kids Ages 3 to 7 !

Kid fun!

If your kids are spending too much time on their iPads and not enough time expanding their imagination, or they are always "I'm bored", then this is just the ticket. I couldn't be more happy that my sweet friend Latrice had linked and talked about a wonderful little company called Kiwi Crate. I was skeptical until I went to their blog and saw photos what each of these creative boxes would include. 

Here's a sample of the Dig Into Dinosaurs

Stompy Dinosaur Feet:  Design and make your own special dinosaur feet. Perfect for stomping.

They also have PARTY PACKS for those special birthday celebrations.  You can get a little creative box for every child ... here's a delightful WAND kit for a sweet little girl's party.

I know my nieces would LOVE this idea! 

So, thanks for stopping by. Don't forget to use my link and help me earn referral credits and save you $10! Tell me what you think of Kiwi Crate too in the comments.