Saturday, July 17, 2010

Cleaning Day

Okay, this is what our bedroom looked like before four years of cat fur and clutter overtook it. Today I'm doing some MUCH needed spring cleaning. Although it'll probably take me a week if I'm going to do it right. So far I've cleaned ONE window/blinds/curtains. I've cleaned the floor on my side of the bed and had to empty the canister already. I've got the linens in the wash and am thinking about tossing the pillows you see here on the bed. If I actually knew how to sew I would make new slip covers, but since that would take more time and energy and knowledge than I possess, I'l going to opt to watch for a sale at JCPenneys and get something new. I'm taking a quick break to make this post then I'm heading back into the vortex and start on my chest of drawers and going to TOSS a lot of stuff. Maybe I'll have two empty drawers by the time I'm done. I've also got two bags of clothing ready for goodwill from the closet. WOOHOO ... somebody stop me!

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Anonymous said...

Hey, when you get done there, trot on over to my ranch. We have enough "furballs" to keep you in action for about a month.
Another recipe you should share with everyone are those GREAT cookies and the cake with the carmel in it!!! Those could get all your readers wound up for the day! Have fun in the cleaning mode, a real pain, but so nice when all done!