Monday, April 25, 2011

Oh My Good Gravy But These Are DELICIOUS!

I found this recipe a few weeks back and sent it to my sister, Shari, and asked her to make them for our family Easter dinner.  Let me just say that they are among some of the best cupcakes I've ever had.  If you get a chance, give these sweet little cakes a try and let me know what you think.  You won't be disappointed!

Recipe can be found here:


Scraphorse - Åsa said...

Thanks for following me!
Wow, I found so much cute and tasty stuff in here!
Hugs, Åsa

Monique said...

Oh My these look scrumptious!

Emily Leiphart said...

Mmm, those do look delicious! Thanks for sharing the recipe.

Cynthia Lloréns said...

I just love evrything in here....I love to the cupcake sounds delicious!!!
I´m folloer now.
Hugs from Brazil

Gloria said...

Easter dinner was delicious and these were very yummy :) Shari and Danelle did a fabulous job with them.

I might try adding chocolate chips.

Sandy O said...

O Yum...these do look wonderful. they almost make me wish I liked to cook, lol My daughtere and her husband love to cook. I will have to give them the recipe ;o)