Friday, May 25, 2012

Vacations - Yep - They're Like This!

This is my final day of vacation and I can so relate to the photo below.  Sterling and I left last Friday for Denver and had a FABULOUS time with my son and daughter-in-law at their home in Parker. My son is a wonderful cook, and we landed in time for dinner, which he was cooking as we drove in. He has such a way with grilled foods and we had a delicious dinner of bison burgers, chicken burgers and seasoned grilled veggies. 

But it didn't stop there!  We spent Saturday at a beer sampling event at Tipsy's where all the Colorado micro breweries had booths where you could sample their different beers.  While I'm not a beer lover, and my son doesn't drink either, we enjoyed watching our two significants hop from booth to booth.  Sunday we had yet another relaxing day.  My son prepared a pasta dish I had found on Pinterest which had fresh asparagus, penne pasta, and a sweetened butter balsalmic vinegar dressing. It turned out QUITE tasty! 

Monday we rented a car and spent two glorious days up in the mountains at Black Hawk. There really is something so therapeutic about sitting on a veranda, sipping a Starbucks with the crisp mountain air and tall pines surrounding you.  Wednesday we drove back down the mountain and met the kids for a delicious lunch at the Elephant Bar and then headed to the airport for our return to reality.

Of course, with vacations comes cleanup and laundry, which I did on Thursday, along with making a trip over to Whole Foods to stock up on some groceries!

Tonight we're having my nephew and his fiance and daughter over for a belated birthday dinner.  I'm making my famous lasagna and apple crisp for dinner.  Also making some monster M&M cookies for his daughter, Hailey, to enjoy. 

And then tomorrow kicks off the holiday weekend, and we're having the family over on Monday for an afternoon cookout.  I'm also hoping to get in a few hours of crafting on Saturday.

And Sunday my hubby turns 65.  Not sure yet what we'll be doing, but I'll do my best to make it a special day for him.

Wishing everyone a safe and fun Memorial Day weekend!

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