Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Happy Birthday Dad!

Today is my dad's birthday. I adore the "smirk" of a grin in his graduation photo - just makes me laugh. He is the foundation of our family and I am so proud to call him my dad. He's taught me to have a sense of humor (his favorite line to us kids growing up was "pull my finger"), to help others (he never turned anyone down that needed his help), and a sense of family (he was an only child and loved that he married into a large family - my mom was the youngest of 7 children). He provided us with such a great childhood. We went on family trips to Disneyland in California and fishing trips up to Okoboji and Minnesota, and I'll never forget the roadtrip to Niagra Falls. He took us on our first airplane trip to visit our cousins in Anaheim, and also my first train ride, again to California. He LOVES the ocean and deep sea fishing, and has made many trips with his group of buddies over the years on fishing adventures. He is a Master Plumber, and I don't think he has ever really "retired" to this day, as he will jump at the chance to help anyone out with their plumbing problems. He worked hard all his life and provided his family with all that we ever needed, and especially his love. Happy Birthday, Dad!!

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