Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Finding NEMO

We had SUCH a great time in Colorado last week visiting with my son and daughter-in-law. They have a BEAUTFUL home in Parker, Colorado and they were such gracious hosts to mom and stepdad! Where do I start? Do I tell you about the beautiful weather (only 6% humidity - I'm just sayin!!!) Being born and raised in Nebraska, going somewhere with such low humidity just makes my skirt fly up! And MOUNTAINS - did I mention yet that there are MOUNTAINS in Colorado? Not just the bluffs we have here in Nebraska - no - honest to goodness big and beautiful, snow covered, aspen covered MOUNTAINS! I rode to Denver with my daughter, son-in-law and grandson - Jonas and I had the BEST time in the back seat and he was SSSOOOO good sitting for such a long ride - for a 2 year old! We arrived in Denver on Thursday just in time for Mark to whip us up a fabulous luncheon. We had a great afternoon relaxing and chatting and then Sterling arrived about 5:30 from Salt Lake City and we all went to dinner at Maggiano's (another story for another time - but one word - YUM!). Friday morning we ventured to the Aquarium in downtown Denver. The picture shows Jonas and his dad looking for Nemo! Jonas got such a kick out of all the different sizes and colors of fish, but when he finally found a Nemo and Dora fish - oh my - he was in awe!! Friday night Mark bbq some fabulous chicken brats to go with our MEGA leftovers from Maggiano's and we all had fun watching Jonas' having fun (Uncle Mark Did It!!)! Later that evening we went for ice cream in downtown Parker. Saturday morning Laura, Jeremy and Jonas traveled up to Estes Park to meet up with Jeremy's folks and spend a few more days. We stayed in Denver with Mark and Chrysty. They took us to the Coors Brewery in Golden. Very interesting and free tour, but of course the BEST part was the sampling lounge after the tour was over. Mark and I don't really enjoy beer, so we shared our "free" glasses of ale with Chrysty and Sterling. Mark then drove us up to Black Hawk in the mountains, which was a 40 minute ride covering 20 miles of BEAUTIFUL canyon. We stopped at Ameristar for a couple of hours (what a gorgeous casino!!). Later than night we had a wonderful dinner at On the Border (Sterling's favorite mexican restaurant) and waddled home full to the brim! Sunday morning we got up and went to a farmer's market in downtown Parker and oh did we have fun there. We bought sauces, and baked goods, and produce - OH MY!! The beefsteak tomato we brought home was to die for! Big as your head and as red as Rudolph's nose! We wish we had brought home more than we did, but next time we go we will know what to load up on! I also made a FABULOUS fresh peach cobbler when we got home that was heaven on a dessert plate!

So bottom line, this was one FABULOUS vacation. And for me, just having all of my kids together at one place and time made me the happiest MOM this side of the Missouri River! And a big HUG to Mark and Chrysty for being such gracious hosts and surviving the family invasion! And brace yourselves, as next year we're gonna stay TWICE as long!


Our Little Inspirations said...

Sounds like a wonderful family reunion! I love when families can all re-connect!

Courtney Baker said...

Oh sounds like a great trip! I'd like to go on one myself! :)