Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Superbowl Sunday (Feb. 6)

In our house, we've ALWAYS had a Superbowl Sunday party, although that passed couple of years it's only been Sterling and I and the kids, but we've had as many as 80+ people over to watch the commercials ... I mean the game (grin).  I love trying new appetizer recipes and this year I think this Meatball Poppers recipe is the winner.  Although my son just sent me a recipe for homemade runzas that looks like a possible contender.

You can go here to print out the recipe for meatball poppers: 

So do you and your family do anything special for Super Bowl?  Let me know what your favorite appetizer recipes are as I love trying all things new and yummy!


Janine said...

Hi Lillian! Rhanks for becoming a follower and visiting my site!!
I LOVE this recipe!! I am definitely trying this one!!

girlia said...

these look so yummy!

Colette Bate said...

You are just so sweet to stop by my blog ... and to leave a comment to boot! Thanks so much!

I totally agree with Janine! These meatball thingys look delicious! Thanks for the link to the recipe. I'm just positive my family will LOVE them for OUR Super Bowl party!

Love your blog, girl! Where else can I go to find fabulous recipes, entertaining conversation AND scrappy goodness all in one spot??!!! xoxox