Sunday, February 6, 2011

Are You Ready For Some Football?

I may not even know what teams are playing, but I do love the commercials and football grub that go along with Superbowl Sunday.  Over the years we've had MANY a party surrounding this event.  This year we're just having the kids over for some fabulous sliders (see recipe in previous post) and I found a recipe for empanadas that I'm also going to try out on our unsuspecting family. (grin) My grandson Jonas will be happy just to bury his head in a bag of cheese puffs - he LOVES those airy cheesy treats.  Of course, he prefers to 'dip' them in some ranch dressing - he is the prince of dipping sauces, which he proudly gets from me - just ask anyone in the family and they will tell you that I LOVE dipping sauces!  It took my grown kids YEARS to ween me away from putting tarter sauce on salmon - and when they aren't looking I still sometimes reach for the sauce - I blame my mother and all those years of fish sticks and tarter sauce when I was growing up.  But back to the game ... are any of you attending or hosting a superbowl event tonight? If you have any "go to" recipes for events like this, I would love to hear about them! 


Patti J said...

Going nowhere - in my jammies watchin' the Steelers take a beating :( Did I read somewhere that you were a winner at our Snowmen Hop? Have fun tonight!

Lillian Child said...

I won? Which blog was that?