Monday, February 21, 2011

Happy Birthday, Mom !!!

I love this pic of my mom when she was just a wee lass.  She turned 82 yesterday ... or at least we think she did.  When she was born she was very sick and they didn't think she was going to make it so they never issued her a birth certificate. To this day we really aren't sure what year she was born, but have made more of an educated guess and we always try to give her the benefit of the doubt (grin).  She was the text book mom of the 50's.  Back when t.v. dinners were introduced, and tupperware parties were all the rage, and moms wore high heels and dresses while cleaning house - well, at least mine did. Mom LOVED wearing heels, even though she was already 5'11" tall.  Mom also enjoyed housecleaning.  It was never surprising to come home from school and find that she had rearranged one of the rooms in the house or painted an entire room a different color.  She loves to paint and as recently as last fall repainted my 7 year old niece's bedroom a different color - I swear she has more energy than the Energizer Bunny!  I am hoping that I got some of those energy genes and will be as active and spry as she is in her golden years! 

So happy birthday, mom - I LOVE YOU!

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Gloria said...

There are a lot of fun pictures of Mom through the years. She is such a beautiful woman. I have a favorite picture of her cleaning the first apartment she and dad had together, and another picture of her sitting on the floor just a couple of years ago playing with her grandkids. She does love to keep busy and not only did she used to paint our rooms but would move our rooms. So what might have been your room in the morning before we went to school was my room when we came home. She did all this while taking care of all of us and the family business office as well. We love you Ma' :)