Sunday, June 17, 2012

Happy Father's Day, Dad!!

I love this photo of my dad.  So young and full of dreams of the future. Coming from a hard life on a small rural Nebraska farm, he could not have known what an amazing future he had ahead of him.  He would go on to become a successful master plumber with his own business, which allowed him to take us on amazing family vacations and to a yearly retreat at an ocean side condo every year where he would enjoy deep sea fishing.  He had the ability to make fast and enduring friendships and saw the good in everyone. He was such a hard worker.  And he LOVED (and still loves) gadgets ... new inventions that made life easier ... or at least a bit more fun.  And if anyone was in need of help, there was no question but that dad would do everything he could without expecting anything in return.  I am so very proud (and so very blessed) to have him for my dad.  Happy Father's Day, Dad!

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