Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Bottled Up

I have a passion for all glass jars and bottles.  But with raising a family and now keeping a grandkid-friendly home, you won't find many things made of glass out on display.  But that doesn't keep me from obsessing about pretty breakables!
Diamond  Crown Top Bottles (set of two) $14.99
Set to 3 Glass Bottles with Jeweled Butterfly  Stoppers  $22.45
6 Glass Bottles in a Chicken Wire Basket with Handle  $18.49
Glass Bottles
Petites Fleur  Long Wood Crate with 5 glass milk bottles $9.99  each/ 3  for $9  each
Even mason jars can send me into a tizzy !!
Glass Mason Jars  Ball Quart Jar w/ lids   $20 (case of 12 jars)
And if ANYONE ever comes across some antique mason jars (with those fabulous old lids), don't even call, just pay the price and get me some!  HA!
I think my obsession stems from those morning deliveries
from the milk man back in the 50's !!
Glass Milk Bottles
Or maybe it was those glass bottles of coke back in the same era!
vintage coke bottles
Which leads me to my next obsession ... old clay pots!
french clay pots
But that's another story for another time!


~amy~ said...

Love all the pics...LOVE LOVE LOVE the Ball jars.

Anonymous said...

You have such a great blog, Lillian!!! What inspiring photos - they're delicious, actually! And you have such a great set of interests!