Friday, November 2, 2012

We had a FRIGHTFULLY good time!

Every year my son-in-law's parents host a Halloween party.  It's their absolute favorite holiday and they go ALL out to get everyone into the "spirit" of things.  Every inch of their home is decorated with spiders, webs, skulls, things that go bump ... well, you get the idea.  And they always dress for the occasion.  Here's this year's costumes.  What a loving couple they make!

And of course, what's a Halloween party without some scary treats!  I remember one year that Marilyn made sloppy joes that actually GLOWED in the dark.  And of course there are always some bat wings, witches hats cookies, cheese stick fingers (complete with fingernails), and jack-o-lantern pizza!  Thanks, Marilyn and David, for helping us remember that Halloween is for kids of ALL ages to enjoy!

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