Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Christmas is Near

After the tragic events of last Friday in Connecticut, I debated about posting a holiday recipe. I thought about the mothers who wouldn't be baking cookies with their children this year, about the presents that won't be opened under the tree, about the grieving brothers and sisters, aunt and uncles, grandparents and friends, who won't have a vey merry Christmas this year.  I cannot imagine how these people are coping with such a horrific tragedy. I just hope that some how, some way, they can feel the love and prayers and know that so many people all over the world are sending them a collective hug, embracing them in our hearts and sharing in their pain and sorrow.  When tragedy strikes we always seem to come together, we always want to try and help and we try to carry on.  I suppose we try to make life normal again, try and move past the pain, and just function again.  Reconnect to the ordinary. I've been keeping very busy. It's how I'm dealing with it all. Not giving my mind time to wander too much. My packages have are almost ready to mail, most presents are wrapped, the house is decorated (thanks to Sterling).  Our holiday menu is complete and we've picked up everything needed from the grocery store except for those last minute items.

We had our extended family December dinner at our home this past Sunday.  Sterling and I prepped, cleaned, decorated and cooked our little hearts out from Friday until the first knock on the door Sunday afternoon.  Sterling cooked TWO turkeys, his famous baked beans, potato salad, pigs in a blanket for the kids (although the grownups indulged in these too!)  I made deviled eggs and rosemary toast points for the brushetta, several cookies and one of my favorite sweet indulgences, sweet chex mix.  This stuff is SO addictive!!

Here's the recipe I used:



1 box chex mix (12-15 oz) I use corn or rice chex (or sometimes Crispix)

1 can nuts of choice

1 c. butter/margarine

2 c. brown sugar

1/2 c. light karo syrup

1/2 tsp. baking soda

I sometimes add M&M's because they make them in every holiday color

Put the cereal and nuts in a VERY large tupperware bowl big or you can use a brown paper bag. Over the stove mix butter, brwon sugar, and karo syrup. Bring to a boil for 1-1/2 min. Remove from heat and add baking soda. Mix well and pour over cereal and nuts. Stir to coat well if using bowl, or shake bag vigorously. Microwave on high for 1 minute, stir or shake bag.  Repeat THREE TIMES. Spread on wax paper and let cool. Add M&M's.

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