Thursday, January 3, 2013

Fun for Kids Ages 3 to 7 !

Kid fun!

If your kids are spending too much time on their iPads and not enough time expanding their imagination, or they are always "I'm bored", then this is just the ticket. I couldn't be more happy that my sweet friend Latrice had linked and talked about a wonderful little company called Kiwi Crate. I was skeptical until I went to their blog and saw photos what each of these creative boxes would include. 

Here's a sample of the Dig Into Dinosaurs

Stompy Dinosaur Feet:  Design and make your own special dinosaur feet. Perfect for stomping.

They also have PARTY PACKS for those special birthday celebrations.  You can get a little creative box for every child ... here's a delightful WAND kit for a sweet little girl's party.

I know my nieces would LOVE this idea! 

So, thanks for stopping by. Don't forget to use my link and help me earn referral credits and save you $10! Tell me what you think of Kiwi Crate too in the comments.


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