Monday, November 1, 2010

A Haunting They Did Go!

What a delightful weekend it was. The weather was perfect. Sunshine and mild temps and the rain they were forecasting never happened so the little treaters last night had a beautiful evening to go door to door. Here's a pic from our annual family potluck party on Saturday night. Left to right is Matthew (my nephew) with his little gal, Hailey - just prior to this photo she had slipped and banged her head AND she was so tired, so the combination of the two had her in tears. But Matthew said that she was fast asleep before they even got out of the neighborhood and slept until 8:30 the next morning. Next up is my daughter, Laura, and JONAS! He had SUCH a great time this year and really got into the whole "spirit" of the holiday. He loved scaring everyone with spiders and would laugh with glee whenever someone jumped and scream - that's my boy! (grin) And then we have my niece, Trisha, and her new little one, Avlyn, who is just the most darling little one - she had nothing but smiles for everyone all evening. And on the right we have my sister Shari and my niece Danelle. My sister took several photos and in all of them Danelle had this "I'm not very happy" look on her face. Not sure what that was all about as she is normally a ham for the camera.
And I must say that my daughter is really getting into the whole "mom" thing now as she made THREE different spooky treats for the potluck table. Eyeballs made out of little white hostess donuts, some red gel frosting and M&M's. Then she had make some spiders out of pretzels (legs) and crackers put together with peanut butter and then faces made out of candies. And for her third creation, she added frosting to those nutter butter cookies and chocolate chips for the eyes. She said Jonas helped by dipping the pretzels into the frosting and eating them. :0)
And a HUGE thank you to Jeremy's folks for hosting this annual family event - they had us singing to a rendition of the 13 days of Halloween (sung to the tune of 12 days of christmas). We were all giggling by the end of the song. Then they had treat bags for every family to take home. Sterling and I got this ADORABLE halloween cat - which is perfect for our house of 3 felines!
We had about 150 trick or treaters last night, including Danelle and Jonas, who were more excited about the kids in costume and handing out candy than actually going out to get more candy in their buckets. Jonas got into the house and immediately took off his costume and wanted to play with his cars and trucks that we have set up for him. He didn't understand that this was just a "drive by" grandma visit and wanted to stay and play. But eventually they got him packed up and off to the next house to visit.
I did make just a couple of cards over the weekend, but didn't have a chance to take any pics to upload onto my blog.
I hope everyone had an enjoyable Halloween, and hold onto your hats because the rest of the year is coming at us at HIGH SPEED!