Thursday, August 18, 2011

Happy Birthday Dad!

Just look at this fabulous 1950's family photo ... yep, that yours truly being held in my beautiful mother's arms. And that's my brother Johnny (who we tragically lost at such a young age) in my father's arms.

If I had to choose but one of the many strengths that my father possesses, it would be his hard work ethic. He believed in a full day's work and even evenings and weekends when emergencies arose. He was a master plumber and thought nothing of carrying large water heaters up and down stairs. He could clean a drain faster than those chemical cleaners ever could. And there wasn't a water leak that he couldn't plug! And he could sell ice cubes to eskimos! In addition to his plumbing company, he also sold Electroway Sink Centers back in the mid 60's.  This was my mother's FAVORITE gadget (and let me tell you my dad LOVED gadgets!)  It was quite the innovation at the time and my dad had several salesmen and even a cold call room where they set up appointments to go to people's homes to show and sell this remarkable and amazing kitchen helper. (click on photo for larger image).

My dad's favorite place to vacation was anywhere that were was an ocean, but he preferred California and the Pacific Ocean.  He used to love to deep sea fish and he and my mom would travel to Oceanside, California every winter and spend several months at this wonderful oceanside resort.  Mom doesn't like water so she never went with him on his fishing excursions, but opted to stay at the motel where she would find a new sewing hobby every season to occupy her time. 

They also loved to shop and would come back with these fabulous new dishes/glasses that caught their attention. My favorite item from all of these shopping ventures was a set of large shell-shaped salad bowls.

Anyway, I digress ... I just wanted to give a big 'ol happy birthday shoutout to my dad as he celebrates his 82nd birthday today.  LOVE YOU DAD!!!!


Jingle said...

What a wonderful post about your Dad! I love that photo! Happy 82nd to your dad!

Gloria said...

Happy Birthday Dad! Love you too!

Emily Leiphart said...

Aw, happy birthday to your Dad, Lillian! What a great post. Your Dad is the same age is my Dad. :)