Monday, October 10, 2011

Prehistoric Fruit?

My grandson's dinosaur halloween costume got me thinking about this exotic fall fruit ... Dragon Fruit.  Okay, so technically dragons are not dinosaurs - but they MUST be from the same genetic group, right?  GRINNING. 

When cut open, the fruit reveals a scoop of sweet pulp speckled with tiny black seeds (similar to a kiwi).

It's even a variety of Celestial Tea!

Dragon fruit looks so summery. Who’d think this exotic tropical charmer is a fall fruit—not to mention the fruit of a cactus?  It's lightly sweet and pleasantly crunchy. Depending on the species, the skin is textured like dragon’s flesh.  Dragon fruit is now grown in California and Florida, making it more available in U.S. markets.  Depending on the species, the skin ranges in color from hot pink to red. There is also a yellow variety that has a more spiky, dragon-like texture. The flesh can be white, pink or magenta and has tiny, edible black seeds similar to those in kiwi fruit.

The fruit is a bit of a tease. The exterior looks resplendent but the flesh is on the mild side: like a watermelon that is only mildly sweet. The flavor comes up best when the fruit is chilled. Some varieties (look for the yellow skins) are more tart, which makes them more refreshing.   Whenever something is exotic and seasonal, it’s reason enough to bring it to the table. The arresting-looking dragon fruit may not taste as luscious as the homely mango, but it’s crunchy and interesting. Or, in the word most used to describe dragon fruit, it’s exotic.

How To Eat Dragon Fruit: dragon fruit should be refrigerated, unwashed, for up to 5 days, and served chilled. To eat dragon fruit, just wash and peel it. Refrigerate cut fruit in an airtight container.

Dragon fruit is very nutritious, delivering B vitamins, calcium, carotene, fiber and vitamin C. The typical dragon fruit has 60 calories, reflecting the low sweetness level.

So quit "dragon" your feet and run to the supermarket to try a taste of this exotic fruit!



girlia said...

Wow this is interesting. I never knew this existed. Thanks for the information. TFS

Gloria said...

Guess I need to read the fine print on the tea boxes ... never heard of Dragon Fruit before.