Thursday, January 5, 2012

January 5 - National Bird Day!

Happy National Bird Day! 

It's Tough to Be a Bird" is a 1969 educational animated short (21 minutes) made by The Walt Disney Company. It won the Academy Award for Best Short Subject, Cartoons in 1970 and was nominated for a BAFTA Film Award for Best Animated Film in 1971.  A red bird explains how birds have contributed to human culture, even as people often try to kill them. He claims this may be because humans were jealous that birds could fly but people cannot, mentioning the legend of Icarus and films of early unsuccessful flying machines.

These colorful guys look like they are waiting for the gun to go off ... on your marks, get ready ... FLY!

This little guy just makes me smile!

And here's a pair of snow birds! I used to drive behind them all the time when I lived in Arizona!

This photo just brings out the "mom" in me!!

And my son just recently introduced me to the phenomenon that is known as Angry Birds!  So addicting to play!

This movie STILL gives me the chills when I watch it!

And then there is THIS amazing species
... is there any wonder why it is the national bird?

Have a bit of fun and go here to "name that bird call" : 


Cheryl said...

Fun post Lillian! Happy Bird Day!

girlia said...

Just saw "its tough to be a bird" thanks for the smile and happy bird day