Thursday, February 9, 2012

Pie on a Stick

Everyone is making cake pops!  I've been following Bakerella for several years now and can attest that her recipe for these delightful pops is a true WINNER.  However, they are VERY time consuming to make.

ENTER ... Babycakes Pie Pop Maker!!

So today I stumble across a new gadget called a Pie Pop Maker.  What is this?  Sweet little fruit pies that you can make quick and easy?

I try NOT to acquire gadgets and appliances that have only one function. But in the case of this Babycakes bite-size pie maker, I am going to make the exception.

I am looking at this as an investment and a way for my grandson (and granddaughter when she is old enough) to spend time with me in the kitchen ... coming up with creative fillings for these sweet (or savory) treats on a stick. 

Let's face it ... EVERYTHING tastes better on a stick!!

The Babycakes Pie Pop Maker is:

Easy: Just add a favorite filling and a stick between two crust circles and bake.

Fast: Makes six pie pops in four minutes or less.

Safe: No hot oven racks or pans for kids to deal with.

Low Maintenance: Nonstick coating wipes clean with a damp cloth.

Small: Just 6¼”W x 11¼”L x 3½”H when closed.

Versatile: Leave off the sticks and you’ve got bite-size pies for adults.

Inexpensive: Just $19.95 with free shipping (on sale from $29.95), which includes treat sticks, a pie pop stand, stainless steel crust cutter, and instruction manual with recipes and cooking tips.  And in bright red, it also can be a Valentine gift (don't tell hubby).  I just ordered one from

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