Saturday, February 4, 2012

Snowy Saturday

We awoke this morning to this vista in our front yard ...

I think there's about 5 inches or so, and before it is all said and done they say we could get up to 11 inches - egaads!

But can't complain as my son (in Denver) got 14 inches and it is still snowing ...

I do love snowed in days though ... we seem to get a lot done.  Hubby is working on putting in some new wood flooring this morning.

Looks nice, doesn't it??!!

I'm off to throw some laundry into the dryer, make some deviled eggs for the super bowl tomorrow, along with a batch of peanut butter cookies (and I'll throw in some M&M's for the grandson's enjoyment).  Then it's into my craft room for an afternoon of creativity and watching the snow fall.

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Colorado Crafter said...

Have searched and searched and can't find your OLW card. The link you left on Susan's blog took me to one of your January posts and I can't find it from your archive in your February posts either.