Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The A to Z of Me

The A to Z of me ...
A.  Age:  Physically some days I feel 102, but mentally I'm still struggling with acne!

B.  Bed size:  Large enough for one current husband, two cats and several dust bunnies ... so it's a KING!  (Now I have the John Denver Song "Grandma's Feather Bed" running through my head)!

C.  Chore you dislike: Why is the word "chore" singular??!!  I've never liked sweeping.  Phyllis Diller had a saying that she did housework by sweeping the room at a glance!  I miss Phyllis!

D.  Dogs:  I love ALL dogs but we have TWO cats ... go figure!

E.  Essential start to your day:  a SUPER large cup of medium roast with cream

F.  Favorite color: I simply adore teal/aquamarine - I find the color so soothing

G.  Gold or silver:  I'm a platnum sort of gal!

H.  Height: 5'7" (but have recently begun the old age shrinking process)

I.  Instruments you play(ed):  I took five years of piano as a child and then six years of clarinet, which I promptly gave up when I started high school.

J.  Job titles:  Legal Secretary, breadwinner, Mom Extraordinaire and Crazy Grandma Cat.

K.  Kids: Two (fabulous I might add), one AMAZING grandson and the SWEETEST granddaughter I could ever hope for!

L.  Live:  Omaha, Nebraska.  I've also lived in Tulsa, Oklahoma, Phoenix and Tucson Arizona

M.  Mom's name:  Pearl

N.  Nicknames:  Everyone calls me Sis, and I have two lovely humans that call me MOM.

O.  Overnight hospital stays: 3  (2 births and one nasty flu virus)

P.  Pet peeves:  rudeness, negativity, bigotry, selfishness

Q.  Quote from a movie:  Luke, use the FORCE!

R.  Righty or lefty:  all-righty

S.  Siblings: Yes, 4, but Mom likes me best.

T.  Time you wake up:  not taking into account bladder calls during the night, I generally wake up around 6:00 a.m. and then hit the snooze twice before hauling myself outta bed for the day!  I'm NOT a morning person!

U.  Underwear:  Seriously?    Currently wearing?  I'll keep you in suspense!

V.  Vegetables you don't like:  okra and tofu  (is tofu a vegetable? - grin)

W.  What makes you run late:  That would be my husband who dallies and procrastinates like nobody's business.

X.  X-rays you've had:   mammograms and teeth

Y.  Yummy food you make:  I'm actually a pretty fair cook and everyone loves my lasagna, cake pops and cookies!

Z.   Zoo animal favorites:  Not a big zoo person, but I do get a kick out of the penguins!

So, now go post an A-Z of YOU, and let me know when you've done it!

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Janine said...

Love the A-Z of you!! We are very similar I might add.