Sunday, March 4, 2012

Birthday Food Coma

As I sit here and enjoy the last piece of birthday cake, let me just thank all of my family and friends for all the birthday wishes, gifts, hugs and smiles.  My birthday started out on Friday, when my work buddies took me to King Fong's for a delightful luncheon, and my good friend and coworker, Marjorie, brought in a sheet cake from Petitt's ... a local bakery that makes THE best cakes EVER.  My favorite is their lemon-filled white cake with their sweet cream icing.

I arrived home after work and discovered my best buddy Marcia had dropped off a basket of bagels, hand made card and a gift card to Dick Blick so that I can pick up some more supplies to create with.  Marcia just "gets" me and knows how to make me feel so special.  Thanks, Marcia!!

Friday night my daughter-in-law, Chrysty, and her folks, and my daughter and her family came over for a full fledge turkey dinner that my hubby de jour (LOL) had prepared for us.  There's nothing quite like thanksgiving dinner in March!  Everyone enjoyed the subsequent food coma afterwards.  My daughter-in-law gave me some amazing gifts that she and Mark had brought back from their travels in Thailand. Some coconut cookies, FRESH pepper from a pepper farm they had visited, and a beautiful necklace handmade by one of the locals.  Thanks Mark and Chrysty for these LOVELY and thoughtful gifts!!  Chrysty's folks brought me some really lovely fresh flowers which my cats were eying appreciatively!  And my daughter and her family gave me THREE HOURS of house cleaning from Merry Maids - I can't wait to have my spring cleaning done FOR ME !!

Saturday morning Chrysty came back over and we spent several hours in my craft room creating and chatting and having just THE BEST time!  Here's some of the cards we made ...

Saturday afternoon we had my brother and parents over for LEFTOVERS ... don't know what it is, but thanksgiving dinner always tastes better the next day.  I think we have just enough turkey to make up a kettle of turkey noodle soup for the week ahead.

This morning I've been creating, doing laundry, and am contemplating getting dressed at some point. LOVE leisurely Sundays!  Tonight we have reservations for dinner and Flemings. They have an awesome Sunday prime rib special.  And then tomorrow night my friends, the Fuhs, are taking us to Ameristar for their buffet dinner.  I'm definitely going to need to loosen my belt a notch or too after so many days of such good food.

Thanks again everyone for making my birthday SO dang special.  It just makes me smile!


Just a Few Designs said...

wow! You know how to celebrate your birthday!!! its so nice of Chrysty to spend time scrapping you! love what you guys created...thanks for entering the giveaway! good luck!

Emily Branch said...

These cards are SO beautiful!! I love the technique, so striking!

The VelveteenMom-Yvonne "Bon" Ledford said...

Beautiful Cards...Beautiful blog. I am so happy to have found your blog...I will be following you from now on...I hope that you will visit my blog and follow me too.

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