Thursday, March 15, 2012

Spring Has Sprung

We've had SUCH a mild winter this year here in the Heartland, and now it looks like spring is already here.  I actually saw a FLY in the garage yesterday.  And the robins have arrived and are building their nests.  We've had 80 degree weather this week ... CRAZY temps for March in Nebraska!!!  If this keeps up we'll have to mow the lawn this weekend.  HA!  But what it's got me thinking is, if it is 80 degrees in March, what will it be like in JULY???!!!  We might be frying eggs on the sidewalk if this keeps up.  And just think ... if this weather continues we might become the new destination for the spring breakers ... yeah, okay, maybe not.  But whatever the reason, I'm hugging Mother Nature and enjoying open windows and birds chirping!

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girlia said...

What a beautiful shot.