Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Getting Ready for Easter

It's so hard to believe that we're already into April and that Easter is this coming weekend.  Our immediate family members celebrate most every holiday together, and there are 28+ of us when we all show up!  This year my sister is hosting the holiday event at her house (unless it rains then everyone will be showing up at our house).  We generally do a potluck so that the burden of cooking doesn't fall on one family.  This year Sterling is making smoked brisket sandwiches and I'm making Orange Cake Pops.  We have a new generation of little tykes and they will be coloring eggs, hiding them, seeking them and then eating them I'm sure.  There will be bubbles and egg races and giggles galore!  Need some bunny treats?  Check out these fun ideas:

Easter Surprise Cookies

Easter Surprise Cookies from Land 'o Lakes

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And how cute is this??!!  There is no website, but it looks pretty self-explanatory and should be fairly easy to recreate these darling little cracked eggs.

Sock Hop

And the Disney website has LOTS of Easter games for the kiddos!

Cinnabunnies Recipe

And kids of ALL ages will enjoy these sweet morning breakfast rolls made with Pillsbury Cinnabon rolls!

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Easy decoupage wooden eggs ... isn't this just the loveliest thing??!!

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And it doesn't get any easier than this - dip peeps into white chocolate and then sprinkes.  The kids are gonna love these!!

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And this is SUCH a fun idea.  Make the kids HUNT for their LUNCH!

And if these Easter projects aren't enough to get your bunny juices flowing, check out my Pinterest board here:


Jingle said...

Oh, that little clothespin project is too cute! And now I want peeps in white chocolate! LOL!

Windy Robinson said...

Easter sounds like so much fun! It would be great to celebrate with such a big group! Have a great holiday:)

Mieke said...

This is so sweet!!!