Tuesday, March 1, 2011

National Pancake Day - Got Syrup?

Although my kids might argue that I'm one pancake short of a full stack, I still contend that pancakes are one of my TOP TEN favorite things to enjoy for dinner.  I'm not a morning person, and much prefer to enjoy my pancakes late at night, slathered in butter and syrup.  And I insist on adding blueberries to my pancakes, just to make it a healthier choice.  But be warned - the blueberries have to be FRESH and INSIDE the pancakes. NOT added on top in some sort of suspicious fruit compote mixture you will find in some restaurants.  What's your favorite way to eat pancakes?  Do you make them yourself or go out to a special breakfast place.  I think the best pancake I ever had was at the Aunt Jemima restaurant YEARS ago at Walt Disney World in Anaheim, California.  Although it might be that the memories of that pancake are interlaced with memories of meeting Mickey Mouse, but it was still a VERY good pancake.  My second choice would have to be the pancakes at Cracker Barrel - and then of course Village Inn makes a darn good light and fluffy version that demands equal billing.  The only thing that completes this meal is a large glass of ice cold milk.  I cannot eat anything with syrup without having milk ... think it stems from some sort of childhood event, but that's another story for another time.  So please pass me the Log Cabin syrup and have a sweet evening!


Amy Johnson said...

Hello! thanks for visiting my blog and leaving such a sweet comment. I agree with you, blueberry pancakes are the best! Except you made me hungry, and I can't eat pancakes right now because I'm on a diet! LOL!

Sandy O said...

Oh, yummy, I enjoy pancakes just the way you do, with blueberries, butter and real maple syrup. the only think I would change is adding some chopped walnuts for crunch! I favorite place to have them is at home, they are so easy to make!

Thank you, also, for becoming a follower on my blog, how exciting to have met you. I love your blog, the variety of posts are great and I enjoy your writing :o)

Hope you are having a super week! hugs, Sandy O

Mary Anne / MA54K said...

Thanks so very much for stopping over at my blog during the Joan's Gardens/JustRite blog hop! I am thrilled that you have become my newest follower! Your blog looks like lots of fun!

Ann English said...

Hi, Lillian, just spent sometime reading your blog and have joined you as a follower. I'm enjoying getting to know you through your posts!