Thursday, September 8, 2011

Vacation in the Rockies!

We're leaving for Colorado in the morning and I'm SO excited.  First, I get to spend time with my son and his wife who live in Parker, Colorado.  It's SUCH a lovely community and has a really nice small town feel.

On Saturday we're heading up into the mountains to Georgetown to take a ride on this!

Then on Sunday we'll go to the new IKEA store!

Monday we're heading up to Estes Park to spend the day.

And then later that day we'll head down to Black Hawk for the night!


And before we know it we'll be heading back home on Tuesday!

I couldn't resist ... it's not really THAT bad ... but coming back after being in such beautiful vistas is gonna be a reality check for sure!! 

Here's a nicer photo of our town.  :0)


jimlynn said...

LOL! Very cute "show" of the trip!
Gorgeous photos and know y'all will have fun.

Gloria said...

Looks like a fun trip ahead! Soak up and enjoy all that nature! Shopping at IKEA will be fun too.

Oh, I see you fixed the place up a bit. Glad you have kept the earthy look. Love the skylights :)

Have fun!

Alison H said...

I hope you enjoy our little state! :-) Sounds like a fun trip and boy is that IKEA something!!!

Linda Beeson said...

Wow, I feel like I went on your little trip with you, what wonderful photos.

Elizabeth said...

IKEA???Oh be still my green heart of envy! LOL Have a wonderful time. It looks lovely:)