Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Art Critic? Not I.

I believe that ART is in the eye of the beholder.  And the best example of that is if you walk into our guest bathroom you will find my daughter's 4th grade art project on the wall.  Why?  Because the colors matched the shower curtain and because it's eclectic and who doesn't love painted string and macaroni?

But I recently found a gal who's art work just makes me smile inside and out.  Her name is Jamie Heiden ... or maybe that is "his" name, since Jamie might be male.  Either way, his/her art is just AMAZING.  Here's a few examples.  And the web address is:  http://jheidenphoto.net/?category_name=pets

This is just tutu cute!!!

art appreciation

Now this fella knows good art when he sees it!!

little voice

So very lovely!

This photo makes me want to write a short story!

sleep tight copy

Goodnight Moon!

Yeah ... I know. 

So run to Jamie's website and see ALL of her AMAZING work and let me know what you think.


~amy~ said...

Thanks for sharing...lovin' her work!

Sylvia Hall said...

Hey Pinterest frined :D

Is is photography? Is it art? I don't know but I love it! I love the teacups and the one of the barn and the moon. So pretty! I'm headed over to check her (or his) site right now. Thanks!

Janna Werner said...

Love these images! Have a lovely day :D Janna

Sandy O said...

Well, I for one love macaroni and string art. Lucky you, my kids are much to old to make it now :o( and when my grandson is old enough I am sure my daughter and SIL will hoard them, lol.

These paintings are lovely. thank you for sharing them and the link.