Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Everything Tastes Better on a Stick!

My son and I have this running joke that you could put almost anything on a stick, and people would eat it. 

One of the original foods (and a personal favorite) on a stick would be the corn dog!  Everytime I have one of these it takes me back to my childhood and the county fairs we used to go to.  Corn dogs, funnel cakes and ferris wheels ... yep!

Stick it.

And here's a novel way to eat pizza ...


I found several years ago when she was a guest on The Pioneer Woman's ranch ... cake pops are now all the rage, but I've made them for several years now.

Ouch… that hurts!

And here's one that you and your kids can have fun making to gobble up at Thanksgiving!

As if poptarts are a fast food already, let's put them on a stick!!


Here's a healthy alternative on a stick!

But now I think I've seen everything ... announcing Beer on a Stick!

Let me know what YOUR favorite food on a stick is!


Jingle said...

I had a deep fried snickers bar on a stick once. It was pretty darned amazing, but I think I lost 3 years of my life eating it. HA! The beer is so fabulous! LOL! I'm actually kind of digging the salad on a stick idea....

lynn said...

great post, lillian! beer on a stick is hilarious:) i saw you won stamps from nina the other day--congrats!

karennarelle said...

mine is definitely hot corn on the cob, with lots of butter of course.