Thursday, July 7, 2011

Vodka ... It's not just for breakfast anymore!

Vodka as a household cleaner?? 


Who needs separate chrome-cleaner, glass-cleaner, and porcelain-cleaner when a trip to the liquor cabinet can tackle all three materials at once? Dampen a cloth with vodka, rub, back in the shine.  "Honest, Officer, I was just polishing my car with it!"

Add Vodka to fresh cut flowers!

If you’re going to have fresh-cut flowers working hard to brighten up your decor, show some hospitality and give them a little drink. Several drops of vodka and a large pinch of sugar added to the water in your flower vase, changed daily, stunts ethylene production and will extend the vitality of bouquet.

NOTE:  If you find your husband with a flower in his mouth, he's either wanting to tango with you OR he's been into the flower vase again!

And on a final note ... it's also very good in orange juice!!

To see more uses for vodka and other GREEN ideas, go to this website:


Sweet Magnolia Rose said...


lynn said...

such a fun post, lillian:)

onecraftymama said...

LOL! I'm enjoying it in lemonade these days...picked up some sparkling lemonade to try. My hubby would keel over if he saw me cleaning with it ;)