Wednesday, July 20, 2011

It's a Bird ... NO ... it's a PLANE!

I am IN LOVE with Pinterest.  Here's a darling little project that I'm going to do with my grandson.

Magnetic Airplane Clip

To Make It:

Paint one spring-style clothespin, two craft sticks, and one mini craft stick in your child's (or grandchild - wink) favorite colors. Once dry, glue a craft stick on top and bottom of the clothespin as wings, and the mini craft stick as the tail. Cut a triangle from crafts foam and glue it upright atop the mini craft stick. Once dry, glue strong magnets on the bottom of the clothespin.  Use them on fridge to hang your child's fabulous artwork!


Mark said...

Uncle Mark votes for this instead:

Gloria said...

I love this Garden Goodness section on Pinterst.

Diana Queen said...

Oh!I love this sweet little project. Thanks for sharing this. ;D