Sunday, July 24, 2011

You Gotta Have Faith, Faith, Faith (channeling WHAM)

I have a very dear friend who is devoutly spiritual and I wanted to make her a religious themed gift card set for her birthday next week that she can use for any occasion.  Here's a few of my creations.

Hope she likes them.  

I don't usually share my political or religious views on this blog, but figure since I am focusing on faith today, I would share a bit about my thoughts on the subject.  Do I believe in God.  Yes.   Do I pray and give thanks for the amazing gift of life - every single day.  Do I go to church.  No.  I've been a member and baptised in several different religions over the years ... Lutheran, Catholic, Mormon, Born Again Christian, just to name a few.  And what I've found is that there is no one organized religion that I can embrace, but rather there are several elements from each that I encompass in my day to day life.    Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend and staying "cool".  We're having a VERY hot and humid summer here in the heartland. 


Laura - Layers of Color said...

Lovely cards, Lillian! I'm sure that they will be a wonderful blessing to your friend.

So glad you are enjoying your stamp gifts!

Amy said...

Lillian, these are sooooooo beautiful!! If I were the friend you made them for, I'd have a hard time letting any of them go!! :) I can really appreciate your post -- I'm someone who believes that the building doesn't make the church, so keep singing your praises and creating your wonderful cards -- You are a beautiful person...

I've long been a follower of your blog (since the OWH hop in March, I believe), but I'm so glad you left a link for me on the Love To Crop! facebook page so I could come and visit you tonight!! :)

Amy :) at
and Decorate To Celebrate!

Gloria said...


Nina Brackett said...

Great job, Lillian. I like how you used the stamps to make cards with different styles.

jojoscraps said...

Your cards are so beautiful and thoughtful. Your friend is going to love them.
Good luck on the Stamps R Us Bloghop.
Jo xx

The Archiving Angel said...

Hello Lillian! I am a new follower of your fun & fab blog. I have been reading your post and when I finally got to something crafty just had to post. These cards are just so lovely. You did a fantastic job.
I am glad you found my blog & left me a comment. Now I can follow you & visit your blog too.
Keep generating those gems & sharing your stories. You are so funny. I enjoyed reading your posts.
Crafty best wishes,